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He's an Entertainer's...Entertainer!

A native of North Carolina, Chuck Battle started his career at a young age. Not only being an excellant Lead Vocalist, Chuck is a Pecussionist and plays the Drums.

Through out his career he has played and performed with many groups of the 50's & 60's era. He was a member of "The Clovers" which is known for their big hit "Love Potion No.9", "The Orioles" which is know for their big hit "Crying In The Chapel", "The Marcell's" know for their big hit "Blue Moon" & "The Knight Brothers" known for "Temptation `Bout to Get Me" hit recording. Currently Chuck is the Lead Vocalist for "Shake Rattle & Roll". They are performing through out the Nevada and California area.
"Let the Good Times Roll with Chuck"
"He is a dedicated Entertainer"

Humor! Rhythm! Driving Beat! "CHUCK BATTLE" Got-Em!

Touching the spirit with soul-driven passion, Chuck Battle moves his audience with charm and panache. His playful nature and versatility appeals to everyone who listens to him perform.

Chuck is an all around versatile Performer/Entertainer with all of his experience in the Entertainment Industry. With influences such as The Clovers, The Orioles, The Marcells, The Knight Brothers, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Platters and many more artists from the 50's & 60's era. Chuck has so many shows to offer for one's Entertainment needs. Weather you want an all around 50's 60's band or a Tribute Show to one of the groups that were mentioned earlier in his influences. Chuck Battle is the one to take you down Memory Lane with a Blast from The Past! Although Chuck performs many styles of music "Oldies but Goodies" remains his forte`.

Performing music, Chuck feels, brings him closer to God. "I believe that I've been given the assignment, for my existence on earth, to do this. To be able to play notes and rhythms to inspire and encourage, wherever I go." I believe good music is "Food for the Soul."

"OLDIES BUT GOODIES" "THE CLOVERS" Know for their hit recording "LOVE POTION NO. 9"

Through out the years, their have been numerous of member of "THE CLOVERS". In 1990, Chuck Battle replace former member Steve Charles in becoming a member of The Clovers. That same year, "Hey Miss Fannie" was released, along with the newly-recorded "Goin Home to Jesus." The latter song doesn't have the full group, however. Harold and John were sick in Myrtle Beach, but the studio time was already paid for. Conse quently, Johnny Mason and Chuck Battle did the song themselves, with the added voice of Marion Carter, owner of Ripete!

In 1991, the Clover were inducted into the UGHA Hall Of Fame. An Chuck was honored in being a member of The Clovers.

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Chuck is available to do "The Clovers" Shows as well!